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PostSubject: Unforgiven   Unforgiven Icon_minitimeTue Aug 28, 2012 12:27 am

I ran as far as I can, but where am I going? Pure darkness surrounded me, and there was no light in sight. 'Where am I..?' I thought looking around while running. 'Why am I running again?' millions of questions went through my mind, but I knew one thing for sure, I was terrified..Of what? I have no idea..But whatever it is, scared me to death. 'Hold on..What's..What's my name..?' I thought. My name..? Surely..H-How can I..forgot such an important detail? Why am I unable to re-call anything? What's going on? Why am I scared? What's my name? Age? Occupation? Where's my family? Loved ones? Friends? Where is everyone? I stopped for a moment ignoring the ocean of questions going on in my head. I held my knees while panting harshly, I've been running for about thirty pure minutes, but why is everything so dark out? Surely, I would've been seen by someone, or have seen a small beacon of light somewhere.

But alas, there is no light anywhere. It's just pure darkness, in the cold harsh quiet night. My eyes were heavy, as if I haven't been sleeping well or am I just tired? I don't know.. I glanced around at my surrounding, hoping to see if ANYTHING was out there. Anything at all will make me feel comfortable that I'm not alone. Loneliness is sad. I suddenly had an urge to look at my hands, but I wouldn't be able to see it but whatever. I listened to my instincts and lifted my hands up, I smelled a faint scent of something...Is this smell blood...?

Memories went clashing in my head and I felt dizzy with all this information entering at one time...I get it now.. I'm Rosana...I'm eight years old...I live with my two loving parents... I'm an student.. My family... Suddenly my thoughts were interrupted by two bright lights, red and blue flashing with a loud annoying noise. "PUT YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR!" said a loud male voice. I ignored him and was using the light to my advantage to see my clothes. "Don't.." said my instincts but just for this once, I'm going to ignore it. I screamed as I stared at my clothes. My beautiful pink and white dress was stained with blood all over it, my beautiful pink heels were stained with dirt and dark red blood. My hands were cut all over and also contained blood, I also had an bloody knife in my hand. 'When did this appear..?' I thought.

"Hurry up guys, she's just a mere child.. To think such a small child could kill both of her parents.. She has a knife, so be careful..Cuff her!" said a tall muscular man dressed in a blue police uniform.
'I get it now..' I thought. 'I..I..listened to..those voices saying to kill my parents..but it's..it's not my fault..It..That..Wasn't me..' I thought. "Sir! I didn't ki-" I started but was interrupted. "Quiet child, you were caught red-handed and were slicing your parents up like crazy. You ran as soon as you saw us, and got quite far," said the man. "But I.." "Quiet!" The man yelled and cuffed my hands. 'Why doesn't no one believe me that..that Rosie said to kill them..?' I thought.

Far away stood a girl with red hair smiling devilishly . She had a blue dress on with blood all over it, her heels were worn down with redness. "Rosana..you finally get the taste of what being accused feels like..little sister..I was murdered..because you accused me of trying to kill you.." Rosie smiled. "Not this time.Now it's my time to laugh at you when you're given the death penalty." she said before disappearing in that cold night.


GOD I SUCK! D: .. I tried with this one, but I wasn't feeling the story anymore Q n Q.

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